County of Santa Clara Releases Detailed Data Tables for COVID-19 Dashboards


July 20, 2020

Tables available for download and exploration as part of County’s support for research and commitment to transparency

Santa Clara County, CA – The County of Santa Clara has released the complete data tables underlying its published dashboards tracking COVID-19 testing, cases, deaths, and hospital utilization. Accessible online via the County’s Open Data Portal, these data tables contain full information from those dashboards, from the first cases in our area through the present.

The downloadable format enables further analysis by researchers, journalists, community organizations, or interested members of public. As is the case with the dashboards themselves, data in the downloadable tables is fully deidentified per standards set by the State of California to protect the privacy of patients and people getting tested.

The data tables will be regularly updated to add the most recent information from the dashboards. The County closely tracks spread of disease and healthcare system response in our area, and will continue to make more data available as response activities evolve.

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