COVID-19 Data and Reports

**Data on deaths will be updated Monday through Friday only; in addition, there will be no update to deaths  data on days of the week following a holiday.​

^​ Due to intermittent issues with the State’s CalREDIE system, the number of new and/or cumulative cases may change as these issues are resolved.

The number of deaths may be temporarily undercounted while deaths are under investigation.

To download data related to the dashboard above, please visit:​​

We are carefully tracking data related to the spread of COVID-19 in our communities. We are encouraged by what we are seeing in some areas and concerned about what we are seeing in others. As we move forward, we will continue to make decisions based on the science, data and facts related to the specific conditions in our communities.

We are committed to providing accurate, reliable reports to the public. Additional data will be added over time. The information presented here is updated daily and is dependent on reporting by numerous agencies across the County and outside partners. Please read the data notes related to each dashboard to understand any limitations in reporting.

COVID-19 Dashboards

  • Cases, Death, and Testing Dashboards and Reports
    • COVID-19 Cases and Deaths
      Provides detailed information about cases and deaths from COVID-19.
    • Demographics of Cases and Deaths
      Provides information on characteristics and demographics of COVID-19 cases and deaths, including: age, gender, race/ethnicity, source of transmission for cases, and underlying conditions for deaths.
    • Long-Term Care Facility (LTCF) 
      Provides information on cases of COVID-19 in Long-Term Care Facilities (LTCFs).
    • COVID-19 Testing
      Provides information on the total daily testing for COVID-19.
    • Healthcare System Testing
      Provides information on the number of tests performed by major healthcare systems in the county.​​
    • COVID-19 Variants
      This dashboard provides the cumulative count of COVID-19 variants that have been identified and reported in Santa Clara County to date.
    • Demographic Trends for COVID-19 Cases
      This report provides detailed data on the demographic characteristics of people infected with COVID-19 over time in Santa Clara County. COVID-19 cases reported to the Public Health Department are shown by age group, race/ethnicity, and city of residence. These data are presented for the past four weeks and since the beginning of the pandemic.
  • Vaccination Dashboards
    • COVID-19 Vaccinations Among County Residents 
      This dashboard provides information about vaccine administration to Santa Clara County residents who are currently eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccination. This includes residents who have been vaccinated by providers within Santa Clara County and residents who have been vaccinated outside of the county.
    • COVID-19 Vaccine Inventory and Administration by Provider
      This dashboard provides a summary of all COVID-19 vaccine types received and administered by vaccine providers located in Santa Clara County.​
  • ​Mapping Dashboards​
  • ​Hospitalization Dashboards​
  • COVID-19 Response Dashboards
  • COVID-19 Data Sets​

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