COVID Variant Dashboard

Last content update: 3/20/23

This dashboard provides the cumulative count of COVID variants identified and reported in Santa Clara County to date.

Data updated weekly on Monday.

About This Dashboard 

Since the start of the pandemic, multiple variants of SARS-CoV-2 have appeared. SARS-CoV-2 is the virus that causes COVID. Most variants do not have significant health impacts, but some may affect COVID transmission, disease severity, testing, treatment, or vaccine effectiveness, and should be routinely monitored.  Vaccine effectiveness and variants continue to be monitored and studied nationally and globally. For information on vaccinations in Santa Clara County please visit our vaccination dashboard

Santa Clara County follows the CDC SARS-CoV-2 classification scheme and definitions, which includes four classes of SARS-CoV-2 variants:

  • Variant of High Consequence (VOHC) is used to describe a variant for which there is clear evidence that prevention or medical countermeasures have reduced effectiveness.
  • Variant of Concern (VOC) is used to describe a variant that has already been found to have a significant impact on health, such as being more contagious, more likely to cause severe illness, or less responsive to vaccines or treatment.
  • Variant of Interest (VOI) is used to describe a variant which has been associated with significant genetic changes and may require appropriate public health actions.
  • Variant Being Monitored (VBM) is used to describe all variants with substitutions of concern, including previous VOIs and VOCs, in the United States that are currently being monitored by the CDC to learn more about their public health impact, but are not thought to pose a significant or impending risk to the public.


Known Variants of High Consequence in Santa Clara County



Known Variants of Concern in Santa Clara County

Variant WHO Label Number of Variant Sequences
B.1.1.529* Omicron 2,409
BA.1.1 Omicron 10,916
BA.2* Omicron 3,078
BA.2.12.1 Omicron 1,496
BA.2.75 Omicron 117
BA.2.75.2 Omicron 21
BN.1 Omicron 149
CH.1.1 Omicron 39
BA.4 Omicron 362
BA.4.6 Omicron 148
BA.5 Omicron 4,691
BA.5.2.6 Omicron 60
BF.7 Omicron 182
BF.11 Omicron 44
BQ.1 Omicron 626
BQ.1.1 Omicron 1,063
XBB Omicron 128
XBB.1.5 Omicron 313
Recombinant Omicron 45

*Includes all sublineages (BA.1 and BA.3 for B.1.1.529, BA.2.12 for BA2)


Known Variants of Interest in Santa Clara County



Known Variants Being Monitored in Santa Clara County

Variant WHO Label Number of Variant Sequences
B.1.617.2* Delta 16,343
B.1.1.7* Alpha 763
B.1.351* Beta 21
P.1* Gamma 157
B.1.427/B.1.429 Epsilon 1,463
P.2 Zeta 4
B.1.525 Eta 4
B.1.526 lota 63
B.1.617.1 Kappa 29
B.1.621* Mu  51

*Includes all sublineages (AY. for B.1.617.2, Q for B.1.1.7; B.1.351.2/B.1.351.3 for B.1.351; P.1.1/P.1.2 for P.1; B.1.621.1 for B.1.621) 


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