The County Can Use Your Help!

Encouraging public service is one of the County of Santa Clara’s core values. We thank you for your interest in helping to decrease the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We are currently at capacity with volunteers, but we appreciate your interest and we encourage you to check back with us again in the near future to see if our needs have changed. ​

Volunteering Information

For the County of Santa Clara, the minimum volunteer commitment for vaccination eligibility is three, eight-hour shifts (24 hours).*

In addition, volunteering with the County does not guarantee that you will receive a vaccination immediately following your three, 8-hour days of service.  You may only receive an appointment for a future vaccination.

  • Note this is different than the State of California program which offers shots to volunteers after they have donated 4 hours of service. To volunteer for the State of California program, click this link:​


Volunteer Roles

Role Description Requirements Minimum time commitment Is this role available?
Vaccinator Administers vaccine at a County-run site Must be one of the following with a current, active license
  • Physician
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Physician Assistant 
  • Nurse (RN/LVN)
  • Pharmacist
  • Dentist
At least 12 shifts over a minimum of 4 weeks ​CURRENTLY FULL
Non-clinical Helps with wayfinding, line management, etc.​​ Will receive opportunities for signing up at both testing and vaccination sites
  • Age ≥ 18
  • Ability to speak Spanish, Vietnamese, Mandarin/ Cantonese, or Tagalog preferred but not required
At least 1 shift per week over a minimum of 4 weeks CURRENTLY FULL
Contact Tracer (Remote) Performs contact tracing
  • Age ≥ 18
  • Phone
  • High Speed and reliable internet connection
At least 24 hours per week over a minimum of 6 months CURRENTLY FULL
Vaccine Scheduling Assistant (Remote) Helps schedule appointments for those who don’t have internet access
  • Age ≥ 18
  • Phone
  • High Speed and reliable internet connection
At least 24 hours per week over a minimum of 6 months TO BE ANNOUNCED

By completing a short volunteer survey, you can be best matched to role(s) that use your skill set. Each role will support front line staff and first responders, creating a healthier, safer community.



Currently not available – please check back


Watch your email for a Docu-Sign Packet. Generally, you should receive this within 24-48 hours. This packet outlines some requirements and your rights and responsibilities if you volunteer.


  • For vaccinators only: GET ONBOARDED AND TRAINED. Once you complete both the survey and volunteer packet, your information will be forwarded to the clinical team. If you are selected as a volunteer, you should hear back within 1 week. The Clinical team will validate your license (if required) and will contact you via phone or email to review onboarding requirements. You will receive portions of required training and onboarding online prior to starting your assignment. You will also receive on-site training prior to beginning volunteer duties to ensure and confirm competency of assigned tasks.
  • For Contact Tracing and vaccine scheduling appointment only: COMPLETE A BACKGROUND CHECK, then GET ONBOARDED AND TRAINED. A background check may be required for some positions including those that deal with the public or handle sensitive information. The County will conduct a background check at no cost to you. If a background check is required, you will receive a link via email, usually within 24 to 48 hrs. The background check itself may take up to 2 weeks but is often completed more quickly. For training, you will receive a welcome announcement, a training plan and instructions on how to register for training. Training and orientation will last for approximately 2 weeks for contact tracing positions.


  • For non-clinical volunteers only: If you are selected as a volunteer, approximately once per week, you will receive emails with links to sign up for volunteer opportunities. If applicable, you will be provided appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) PPE on site and relevant procedures.
  • For all other positions: You will receive scheduling instructions as part of your onboarding process.


Currently not available – please check back




Frequently Asked Qu​estions

    We cannot guarantee that everyone who applies to be a volunteer will be selected as a volunteer. Volunteer selection will be based on your licensure, experience, availability, and the county’s overall need. If you are not selected, you will be placed in our database and may be contacted as future needs arise.​

    The most important skill for all these opportunities is to be flexible and open – the needs at our sites may change from minute-to-minute, so you may be asked to assist in various tasks depending on the needs. Of course, you will not be asked to do anything you are not willing, trained or qualified to do, but we ask that you chip in where there is a need, for example, to help clean clipboards, help with line management, or assist with other tasks needed to keep the sites and services running smoothly and efficiently.​

    If you’re not currently a California state, county, city, special district, or public school district employee, you will likely be on an unpaid, volunteer basis. If you are a California state, county, city, special district, or public school district employee and are called to serve, you should contact your employer with any questions about your compensation.​

    You should consult with your health care provider to discuss your particular safety concerns and to determine if it is safe for you to help. If you’re called about a volunteer opportunity and have medical concerns, the County will work with you to evaluate if accommodations can be provided that allow you to participate. Additionally, some tasks may be able to be performed from home as a long as you have phone and a highspeed internet connection and phone​

    If you’re not a California state, county, city, special district, or public school district employee, and are serving as a registered volunteer, you will be covered under the Workers’ Compensation system if you are injured in the course and scope of your work. You will not be eligible for other County benefit programs. If you’re a California state, county, city, special district, or public school district employee, you should contact your employer to discuss any compensation or benefits you may be entitled to receive in addition to Workers’ Compensation.​

    Because individuals with COVID-19 may be asymptomatic or may not know they carry the virus, the County cannot assure that you will not encounter individuals with COVID-19. The County has measures in place to notify those who were in close contact with any worker who later learns and notifies the County that he or she tested positive for COVID-19. Depending on your volunteer assignment, you may also be working in the vicinity of individuals who are known to be COVID-19 positive or have other illnesses. The County follows applicable federal and state guidance regarding personal protective equipment with the goal of keeping everyone safe and avoiding the spread of this virus. The County will discuss safety measures and expectations when it provides a volunteer assignment. Remote options are available for contact tracing efforts which can be conducted from your home if you have reliable high-speed internet and a computer.​

    We must follow State and Federal guidelines on vaccine distribution. If you are volunteering at a County vaccination site, you may be eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine after completing 3 shifts of 8 hours per shift if there are remaining doses at the end of your third shift. If there are not remaining doses at the end of your third shift, you may be provided an opportunity to receive a vaccine at a later shift if you continue to volunteer beyond three shifts of 8 hours per shift.​

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