Social Distancing Protocol

Social Distancing Protocol: 6 feet or 2 meters apart

The County of Santa Clara requires all businesses to complete a Revised Social Distancing Protocol and submit this document to the County.  This tool helps ensure our community is prepared to contain the spread of COVID-19.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Under the Revised Risk Reduction Order issued October 5, ALL businesses must complete a NEW Social Distancing Protocol using the revised webform that can be found at the link below.  Social Distancing Protocols submitted prior to October 11, 2020 are no longer valid. 

There is also a Capacity Limitation Requirement under the Revised Risk Reduction order issued October 5, as well as ​a Mandatory Directive on Capacity Limitations issued on November 15 and most recently updated on March 2, 2021. Review detailed instructions at COVID-19 Capacity Limitations​.

Please review the instructions below on how to complete the Revised Social Distancing Protocol required by each business located in the County.

Social Distancing Protocol Business Database

Social Distancing Protocol Business Database



Customers and the general public are encouraged to view the list of businesses that have submitted their Revised Social Distancing Protocol​ to help ensure our community is prepared to operate safely. 

Instructions for Submitting a RevisedSocial Distancing Protocol

All businesses in Santa Clara County must fill out a Revised Social Distancing Protocol and submit it to the County using the link below.

Please read all of these instructions before you click on the link below.

The Revised Social Distancing Protocol has new requirements and you must fill out this version even if you previously completed an older version.

What to expect:  When you click on the link below, you will be able to fill out a Revised Social Distancing Protocol. The Protocol requires you to enter information that:

  • Identifies and provides contact information for the business and the person responsible for ensuring compliance with the Protocol (this will usually be an owner or manager)
  • Confirms that the business is posting proper signage
  • Confirms that the business is properly training its workers
  • Confirms that the business is putting measures in place to protect its workers and the public
  • Confirms that the business has an adequate plan in place if a worker tests positive for COVID-19
  • Certifies under penalty of perjury that the information submitted is true and accurate to knowledge of the person signing the Protocol

Certification under penalty of perjury:  The Protocol cannot be submitted unless it is signed under penalty of perjury by a person who is authorized by the business. If you are filling out this form, you must ensure that you have been authorized to complete the form and submit it for the business. Once you complete the Protocol at the link below, you will need to sign the Protocol using an electronic DocuSign signature. (You cannot sign using pen and paper.) Submitting the Protocol under penalty of perjury means everything on the form must be truthful to the best of your knowledge, and including information you know is false is a crime.

The information you submit is publicly accessible:  Protocols are publicly accessible documents, and the County will post all completed Protocols online. All the information you enter in the Protocol will be viewable by the public.

Confirmation and printout of the Protocol, updated “COVID-19 PREPARED” sign, and Summary Sheet:  Once you complete and certify the Protocol, you will receive a confirmation email. The confirmation email will include a link to a PDF of your completed Protocol. You will be able to print out the completed Protocol. The completed Protocol must be distributed as required in the October 5 Order, including to all workers. The PDF will also include an updated “COVID-19 PREPARED” sign specific to your business, as well as the Social Distancing Protocol Visitor Information Sheet. The sign and visitor information sheet must be posted at or near the entrance of the facility that is the subject of the Protocol.

If you don’t finish the Protocol in one sitting:  When filling out the Protocol, you will see a “Finish later” button. If you click this button, you will receive an email that allows you to continue completing the form at a later time. If you do not click this button before you sign out or close the window, all the information you inserted will be lost, and you will need to start from scratch to submit your Protocol.

Revisions and corrections:  Once you complete and submit the Protocol, you cannot make changes to that particular Protocol. However, you may complete and submit a new Protocol if you would like to update, revise, or correct the original. If you have already submitted a Protocol to the County on its website using the link below, please be sure you check the box in the first section of the Protocol stating “Replacement Protocol.”

More questions? See the County’s FAQ section on the Social Distancing Protocol​ for more information.

All businesses in Santa Clara County must fill out a Social Di​stancing Protocol and submit it to the County using the link below.

Please read all of these instructions before you click on the link below.

Click here to complete the Social Distancing Protocol Form

 ​​​​​​Please click here for a preview of the Social Distancing Protocol Form.

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