School Preparedness Plan

The County of Santa Clara requires all schools to complete a School Preparedness Plan and submit this document to the County. This tool helps ensure our community is prepared to contain the spread of COVID-19.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Within 21 days of the issuance of this Directive (if the school is already open for in person instruction) or 14 days prior to opening, whichever is applicable, complete a School Site-Specific COVID-19 Preparedness Plan Summary form provided by the County Public Health Department; submit the completed form to the County; and post the completed form on their website and at all school entrances; and comply with the reporting requirement for all schools per Mandatory Directive

Please review the instructions below on how to complete the School Preparedness Plan required by each school located in the County.

Instructions for Submitting a School Preparedness Plan Summary.

All schools in Santa Clara County must fill out a School Preparedness Plan Summary and submit it to the County using the link below. This submission must occur within 21 days before the planned reopening of the school.

Please read all these instructions before you click on the link below.

What to expect:  When you click on the link below, you will be able to fill out a School Preparedness Plan. You must enter the following information:

Page 1 – Provide detailed information for the Public Health Department

  • Contact Information for the school and the person responsible for ensuring compliance with the Protocol (this will usually be the school’s Administrator or COVID-19 Designee)
  • Details about the Campus Physical Space: # of students and staff on campus daily; which grades are open for in-person instruction; maximum # of students per class; minimum distance between student desks.
  • The school’s plan to meet Priority Recommendations that will help reduce the risk of spread of the virus: staff breakrooms; outdoor learning spaces; indoor ventilation; routine testing for teachers and other staff; plans to resume in-person instructions in phases; link to complete school reopening plan.

Page 2 – Information that will be posted in central, visible place on campus

  • Summary of steps that the school is taking in each of the following areas to prevent COVID-19 infection: Face Coverings, Physical Distancing, Cleaning and Maintenance, Hygiene, and Routine Testing of Staff
  • Notice about how to report all confirmed COVID-19 cases. Families are required to report known cases of COVID-19 in their household to the school.
  • Identification of where the school’s full reopening plan can be found online (schools are required to publicly post their reopening plan in its entirety)
  • Certification under penalty of perjury that the information submitted is true and accurate to knowledge of the person signing the Protocol

Certification under penalty of perjury:  The Protocol cannot be submitted unless it is signed under penalty of perjury by a person who is authorized by the school. If you are filling out this form, you must ensure that you have been authorized to complete the form and submit it for the school. Once you complete the Protocol at the link below, you will need to sign the Protocol using an electronic DocuSign signature. (You cannot sign using pen and paper.) Submitting the Protocol under penalty of perjury means everything on the form must be truthful to the best of your knowledge. Including information you know to be false is a crime.

Confirmation and printout of the School Preparedness Plan and Visitor Information page and updated “COVID-19 PREPARED” sign:  Once you complete and certify the School Preparedness Plan, you will receive a confirmation email. The confirmation email will include a link to a PDF of your completed School Preparedness Plan. You will be able to print out the completed Plan Summary. The PDF will also include an updated “COVID-19 PREPARED SCHOOL” sign specific to your school. The sign and Visitor Information sheet (second page of the Plan Summary) must be posted on your school’s website and at all school entrances.

If you do not finish the School Preparedness Plan in one sitting:  When filling out the Plan, you will see a “Finish later” button. If you click this button, you will receive an email that allows you to continue completing the form at a later time. If you do not click this button before you sign out or close the window, all the information you inserted will be lost, and you will need to start from scratch to submit your Protocol.

Revisions and corrections:  Once you complete and submit the Plan, you cannot make changes to that version of the document. However, you may complete and submit a new Plan if you would like to update, revise, or correct the original. If you have already submitted a Plan to the County using the link below, please be sure you check the box in the first section of the Protocol labeled “Replacement Protocol.” Any changes to the school’s implementation of priority recommendations or infection prevention measures require resubmission of a new Plan. If there are NO changes to infection prevention plans, but there is a change in the anticipated number of in-person students/staff (a change that is greater than 5% of the in-person population or 20 individuals, whichever is smaller), this information should be submitted through the In-Person Students/Staff Portal (and does not require submission of a new Plan Summary). 

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