Flu shots and Omicron boosters are here!

Dear Neighbors,

You may be thinking, “I got the COVID shots. Why do I need another one?”  

Even if you had a booster a few months ago or you had COVID in the past, you may not be well protected from getting it again. There is an updated shot that better protects you. As the virus continues to change and adapt, so must we. COVID is still spreading in the community and making many people sick every single day.  

The updated booster shot, also known as the Omicron booster, provides even more protection against COVID. The Omicron booster improves upon the previous COVID boosters. It fights the omicron variant that spreads very easily, and also protects you from the original 2020 strain of COVID. It is a two-for-one shot!  

Everyone age 5 and older will need an Omicron booster shot. 


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