County of Santa Clara Health Officer Rescinds Health Orders

September 12, 2022

Face Covering Requirements in Higher-Risk Settings Remain; Health Officer Urges Continued Vigilance Against COVID-19, including Vaccination, Updated Boosters, and Use of Face Coverings Indoors

Santa Clara County, CA – In light of continued widespread vaccination and the availability of COVID-19 testing in our community, Dr. Sara Cody, Health Officer and Director of Public Health for the County of Santa Clara, announced the rescission of the few remaining local health orders related to COVID-19.  

These remaining health orders were targeted measures that required (1) personnel who worked in higher-risk settings (such as healthcare, long-term care facilities, shelters, and jails) to be vaccinated or have an approved exemption; (2) large healthcare systems to provide COVID-19 testing; and (3) personnel in healthcare settings to be vaccinated against influenza or wear a mask. 

The new Health Order puts in place a local requirement—identical to the State’s requirements—for use of face coverings in higher-risk settings.  

“Although we lifted broader community health orders in March 2021, today’s action lifts the remaining limited local health mandates,” said Dr. Cody. “COVID-19 remains a serious threat to our community, and I urge everyone to continue to protect each other and the most vulnerable among us by masking and staying up to date on their vaccinations with the latest bivalent booster.”

Today’s order also includes important recommendations from the Health Officer to continue to keep the community safe from COVID-19: (1) everyone should get vaccinated and remain up to date with the latest recommended booster, including with the new bivalent COVID-19 booster; (2) everyone should use face coverings when indoors and around others; (3) businesses and governmental entities should continue to implement mandatory vaccination requirements for their workers; and (4) everyone, regardless of vaccination status, should get immediately tested and avoid contact with others if they have COVID-19 symptoms.

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