Updated County of Santa Clara Health Officer Order Allows Several Sectors to Reopen, Including In-Store Retail, Outdoor Dining in Restaurants, and Childcare and Summer Programs for All Children


June 1, 2020 

The updated order goes into effect Friday, June 5th

Santa Clara County, CA — County of Santa Clara Health Officer Dr. Sara Cody today announced amendments to the current Shelter in Place Order​ that will allow multiple sectors and activities to resume, including in-store retail, outdoor dining, all manufacturing, small service businesses, childcare and summer programs, as well as religious, cultural, and civic activities.  The updates will go into effect on Friday, June 5th.  

“As a community and as a nation, we are experiencing some of the most difficult and challenging times many of us have ever experienced. The COVID-19 virus has had an impact on every aspect of our lives.  It has been particularly devastating to low income communities and communities of color in our county and across our state and nation. This has been compounded by structural inequities that exist in our society that are unjust, persistent, and damaging,” said County Health Officer Dr. Sara Cody.

“The global pandemic is ongoing, and we must continue to protect the health and wellbeing of our entire community, especially those most vulnerable to serious illness and death from COVID-19.  Public Health is about ensuring health in every sense of the word: from diseases like COVID-19, and from social and economic impacts on health too.  For all those reasons, we have chosen to be measured in how and when we reopen,” said County Health Officer Dr. Sara Cody.

We will continue to assess our COVID-19 indicators to ensure that we can continue to identify infections, ensure people can safely isolate, and prevent COVID-19 infections and their spread whenever possible.  And we will continue to work closely with low income communities and people of color to carefully plan and implement measures that address the needs for testing, safe isolation, work safety, and prevention of the spread of COVID-19. 

Key metrics regarding containment of COVID-19 in Santa Clara County include:

  • Testing is steadily increasing and the positivity rate is decreasing across the County, including in communities and environments where people are at greatest risk and where the County has done significant outreach;
  • Rates of COVID-19 across the County are low and holding steady, including in populations at greater risk;
  • Hospitalization rates are low and steady across the County; 
  • Outbreaks in skilled nursing facilities have been successfully contained; and
  • Case investigation and contact tracing capacity is steadily increasing and is staying ahead of demand.

In light of this progress, the updated order expands previously permitted business activity to include outdoor dining at restaurants and in-store shopping at retail locations, subject to limitations and social distancing guidelines. No-contact in-home services like house cleaning, and other low-contact service businesses such as shoe repair will be allowed to reopen. 

All children are now permitted to take part in childcare, summer camps, summer school, or other educational and recreational programs, so long as groups are limited to 12 or fewer. 

Outdoor gatherings of up to 25 will be allowed for religious services and cultural ceremonies.

Any outdoor recreational activities that do not involve physical contact and adhere to social distancing protocols, such as swimming pools, will be allowed to resume. Also, car-based gatherings will now be permitted, including drive-in theaters.

Earlier today, Public Health Officers across the Bay Area issued a joint statement​​ affirming their commitment “to work together as a region; to ensure our decisions are data-driven; to take steps that are measured, careful, and to allow sufficient time between significant changes.”  

Today’s announcement builds on the May 4, 2020 and May 22, 2020 amendments to the Order, which respectively allowed construction and outdoor businesses to resume operation with health and safety precautions in place and permitted retail businesses to open for curbside pick-up along with associated manufacturing and logistics. 

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