Mandatory Directive For Case Reporting By K-12 Schools, Youth Athletic Programs, and Other Youth Programs

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*Please confirm that your activity is allowed under the State Order.  Where there is a difference between the local County Order and the State Order, the more restrictive order must be followed.  The State also has specific guidance for certain industries and activities that must be followed in addition to this mandatory directive.*

Information on the State’s Order and State guidance is available at

Issued: February 25, 2021
Effective: February 26, 2021

On August 28, 2020, the State issued a Statewide Public Health Officer Order (“State Order,” available here) and the Blueprint for a Safer Economy (“Blueprint,” available here).  The State Order and Blueprint establish statewide restrictions applicable to each “tier” to which counties are assigned. 

Any K-12 school or any business, organization, or government entity that organizes or is responsible for a youth athletic program or other youth program must follow the mandatory requirements in this Directive and any other applicable County Health Officer Directive, the County Health Officer’s Revised Risk Reduction Order issued on October 5, 2020, the applicable restrictions under the State Order and Blueprint, and the State’s COVID-19 Industry Guidance documents.  When there is a difference between these rules, the most restrictive rule must be followed.

This Directive explains COVID-19 case reporting requirements applicable to K-12 schools, youth athletic programs, and other youth programs.  These reporting requirements help ensure that the County of Santa Clara Public Health Department quickly learns about positive cases and has the information necessary to take appropriate action to contain outbreaks in these settings.  This Directive is mandatory, and failure to follow it is a violation of the County Health Officer’s Order issued on October 5, 2020 (“Order”).  Any business, organization, or government entity that organizes or is responsible for the covered programs identified in this Directive must comply with the requirements in this Directive.

The Order Issued October 5, 2020

The Order imposes several restrictions on all businesses and activities to ensure that the County stays as safe as possible, including but not limited to the following:

  • The Social Distancing Protocol: All businesses and governmental entities (including all youth programs, teams, and organizations) that have not already done so must fill out and submit a Revised Social Distancing Protocol under the October 5, 2020 Health Officer Order. Social Distancing Protocols submitted prior to October 11, 2020 are no longer valid.  The Revised Social Distancing Protocol must be filled out using an updated template, which is available here.  The Protocol is submitted under penalty of perjury, meaning that everything written on the form must be truthful and accurate to the best of the signer’s knowledge, and submitting false information is a crime.  The Protocol must be distributed to all workers, and it must be accessible to all officials who are enforcing the Order.
  • Signage: All businesses must print (1) an updated COVID-19 PREPARED Sign and (2) a Social Distancing Protocol Visitor Information Sheet, and both must be posted prominently at all facility entrances. These are available for printing after online submission of the Revised Social Distancing Protocol.  The Revised Social Distancing Protocol specifies additional signage requirements.
  • Capacity Limitation: All businesses must comply with the limitations established in the Mandatory Directive on Capacity Limitations.

See the Order and the FAQ page for more details.

In addition to these general requirements applicable to all businesses under the Order, all youth programs and youth program participants must comply with the following directives.

Case Reporting Requirements

  1. Definition of “Covered Programs”
    1. For purposes of this Directive, a “covered program” is any in-person program, lesson, team, camp, organized athletic or recreational activity, or educational or non-educational activity, whether paid or free, whether on a one-time or recurring basis, that includes one or more youth participants.
      1. For purposes of this Directive, a “youth” is a person under the age of 18.
      2. A program is considered a “covered program” if it includes one or more youth participants, even if it also includes adult participants.
    2. Covered programs include, but are not limited to: childcare programs; preschools; summer schools; afterschool programs; academic enrichment centers; programs providing oversight and support for youth engaging in distance/remote or independent learning (“distance learning hubs”); dance classes; music lessons; organized recreational and athletic activities for youth, including teams, camps, lessons, practices, and competitions; educational or non-educational activities occurring at a K-12 school; and any other team, camp, lesson, or entertainment program with one or more youth participant.  
  2. COVID-19 Case Reporting Requirements
    1. All covered programs must designate a person responsible for managing the program’s case reporting process and for responding to correspondence from the County related to COVID-19 and compliance with the requirements of this Directive (“COVID-19 designee”).
    2. The COVID-19 designee must require:
      1. That all adult participants of the covered program (including instructors, group leaders, coaches, support personnel, and other adult participants, if any) immediately report to the COVID-19 designee if they test positive for COVID-19.
      2. That the parents/guardians of all youth participants of the program immediately report to the COVID-19 designee if their youth participant tests positive for COVID-19.
    3. If any program participant (youth or adult) begins showing COVID-19 symptoms or learns they have tested positive for COVID-19 while participating in a program activity, that participant must be required to immediately go home or wait in an isolation area until they can be transported home or to a healthcare facility, as soon as practicable.
    4. The COVID-19 designee must notify the County of Santa Clara Public Health Department within 4 hours of learning of any covered program participant who tests positive for COVID-19 using the Education Case and Contact Reporting Portal at
  3. Follow-up from Public Health Department
    1. All covered programs must comply with any follow-up information requests, case investigation and contract tracing, and any remedial measures (including, for example, temporary closure) directed by the Public Health Department in response to reported cases.

Stay Informed

For answers to frequently asked questions about this industry and other topics, please see the FAQ page.  Please note that this Directive may be updated.  For up-to-date information on the Health Officer Order, visit the County Public Health Department’s website at​​​​​

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