Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

**Data on deaths will be updated Monday through Friday only; in addition, there will be no updates of deaths data on days of the week following a holiday.


Other COVID-19 statistics can be found at COVID-19 Data and Reports.

^ Due to intermittent issues with the State’s CalREDIE system, the number of new and/or cumulative cases may change as these issues are resolved.

The number of deaths may be temporarily undercounted while deaths are under investigation.


Important Updates

New Order of The Health Officer of The County of Santa Clara
Issued May 18, 2021

Information and Resources for Travelers Arriving from India | English | Chinese | Spanish | Vietnamese | Tagalog |
Issued May 5, 2021

County of Santa Clara COVID-19 Vaccination Plan
Submitted to State of California and revised December 8


News Releases​​

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