COVID- 19 Time Series Data Dashboard

This dashboard includes maps that show rates of COVID-19 cases, tests and test positivity by city and zip code of residence in Santa Clara County. The maps are summarized in three-week time periods to provide information about changes in these metrics in different areas of the county over time. These data do not necessarily indicate that one city or zip code is more or less safe than another. A higher number of tests completed in any one area, for example, can affect case and test positivity rates.

Data definitions:

Case rate maps: These maps display rates of new cases of COVID-19 per 100,000 residents of a city or zip code within a given three-week time period. For the three-week time period, the case rate is summarized as average daily case rate for the specific time period. A case is someone who tests positive for COVID-19 using viral testing performed in a lab. 

Testing rate maps: These maps display average daily rates of COVID-19 testing per​ 100,000 residents of a city or zip code within a given three-week time period. A test represents one test per person per day.

Test positivity rate maps: The maps display COVID-19 test positivity rate in a city or zip code within a given three-week time period. The test positivity rate is the percent of tests performed that are positive in a city or zip code. 

COVID-19 Maps - PDF

Maps by City

COVID19 Maps Recent Time Periods citymap caserate

COVID19 Maps Recent Time Periods Citymap Positivity Rate

COVID19 Maps Recent Time Periods Citymap Test Rate

Maps by Zip Code

COVID19 Maps Recent Time Periods Zipcodemap Case Rate

COVID19 Maps Recent Time Periods Zipcodemap Positivity Rate

COVID19 Maps Recent Time Periods Zipcodemap Test Rate

Data Notes: Data are reported by the date that the specimens were collected for testing. Specimens that do not have a valid specimen collection date or do not have a valid residential address are not mapped. The rates for cities and zip codes with a count of 1 to 10 during a given three-week time period are not displayed in order to help protect individuals' privacy. Data are not presented for zip codes with population less than 1,000. Data for the recent periods are preliminary and subject to change.

Source: California Reportable Disease Information Exchange, Santa Clara County Public Health Department

This dashboard is updated every Thursday.

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