該儀表板列出了聖塔克拉拉縣每日的COVID-19檢測數量。  我們監測檢測數量以確保提供足夠的檢測以減慢COVID-19的傳播。有了充足的檢測數量,公共衛生局可以幫助隔離檢測呈陽性的人士,並使用接觸者追蹤來通知任何可能暴露的人士。頂部橫額中突出顯示的檢測周轉時間是指從採集樣本進行檢測到化驗室提供檢測結果之間的當前平均天數。這可讓人很好地預計在知道其檢測結果之前應等待的天數。同時顯示的,是採集樣本進行檢測到檢測結果被報告給公共衛生局之間的平均天數。如果這周轉時間較短,公共衛生局便能夠更快地隔離病例並確定和檢疫接觸者,這是成功進行病例調查和接觸者追蹤的關鍵部分。 ​



Healthcare System Testing Dashboard

Data may be incomplete: In early August, it was discovered that there was a reporting issue with the State’s system that affected all counties. While the State believes this issue was resolved, we continue to validate our data.​

Testing by healthcare system

This dashboard summarizes the number of COVID-19 tests performed by major healthcare systems in the county. Each ‘test’ or ‘testing incident’ represents at least one specimen tested per person, per day. This does not represent the number of individuals tested, as some people are tested multiple times over time because of the risk of frequent exposure.

Why this is important

Testing by healthcare systems, such as hospitals and clinics, is one of the key ways to ensure sufficient testing is available and accessible for the patients they serve. Healthcare providers in the county are required to test individuals with COVID-19 symptoms, contacts to a case and asymptomatic people who have a greater risk of being exposed to COVID-19. Hospitals are also testing people who receive select non-COVID related healthcare services at their facilities. Sufficient levels of testing in healthcare systems helps break chains of transmission and slow or prevent the spread of disease in the community.


Source: California Reportable Disease Information Exchange

Data notes: These data represent testing among Santa Clara County residents and so may not represent all testing performed by healthcare systems, given that some systems also serve people residing outside the county. Healthcare systems with outpatient services tend to serve more people and so may have higher testing levels than healthcare systems with only inpatient and emergency department services. Some healthcare systems in the county offer outpatient services only. The number of tests measures the total number of COVID-19 molecular tests completed during the seven-day time period. The daily average number of tests represents the seven-day average count of tests. The daily average rate of tests is the daily average number of tests completed over the past 7 days per 100,000 people served by the individual healthcare system. Total tests since January is the cumulative count of tests completed by the healthcare system since that time. The average rate of tests is not calculated for Verily and OptumServe sites. The State of California has defined an initial goal of at least 150 tests per day per 100,000 people. Bay Area County Health Officers set a goal of 200 tests per day per 100,000 people. Laboratories are required to report both positive and negative COVID-19 results via the California Reportable Disease Information Exchange (CalREDIE). The data for this dashboard are compiled using testing reports submitted to CalREDIE. The data are presented with a 7-day lag due to reporting delays. Please note that the Public Health Department is working with the healthcare systems in the county to improve reporting in CalREDIE and decrease under-reporting of tests completed.

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