Isolation & Quarantine Dashboard

The data in this dashboard provides information about the services provided for isolation and quarantine support. The Santa Clara County Isolation and Quarantine Support Program (I&Q Program) provides resources to County residents who test positive for COVID-19 or are identified as contacts to a positive case to enable them to isolate or quarantine safely.

The dashboard includes three types of services. The hotel shelter service consists of a motel room with supportive services for cases and contacts who cannot safely isolate or quarantine at home or who do not have a home. In-home support provides services for persons who are able to isolate or quarantine at home, but need some assistance to do so safely (e.g., buying groceries or obtain cleaning supplies). Financial and rental assistance provides individuals and families that do not have some other form of income (e.g., paid sick leave, unemployment benefits) financial relief while they remain isolated or quarantined. Individuals must qualify based on income of 80% Area Median Income (AMI) or less.


This dashboard is updated every Thursday.

Source: Santa Clara County Isolation & Quarantine Support Program

Data Notes:

Data on assistance provided by date and by city is up to Sunday as-of dashboard update date.​

The weekly average days for hotel shelter, in-home support, and financial assistance is the average number of days from the time a referral is initiated to when the client receives assistance. This is a 7-day average of the previous week. The average days to financial and rental assistance includes completed referrals and does not include referrals in progress. Referrals in progress will be included in the average days to financial and rental assistance data point when the client receives assistance.

Referrals by Source

Referrals for services are received from the I&Q Program hotline (IQ Hotline Referrals) and case investigation and contact tracing calls (CICT Referrals).

The County administers the I&Q Program for residents of the unincorporated county and residents of participating cities. The cities of Gilroy, Mountain View, Santa Clara and Sunnyvale are only participating in the motel component of the I&Q Program (N/A denotes the services not supported by I&Q Program in these cities). The following cities do not participate in the I&Q Program, and therefore not reflected in the dashboard: Campbell, Cupertino, Los Gatos, Monte Sereno, and Palo Alto.   

The data in this dashboard show information on the race/ethnicity of County residents receiving I&Q support services. The Other category for the race/ethnicity graph includes American Indian/Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, and people who identify as multi-racial.  

Financial and Rental Assistance Referral Status
The financial and rental assistance referral status includes referrals in which clients were provided with assistance (provided assistance), clients did not qualify because they do not meet the eligibility criteria (did not qualify), clients declined assistance or were unable to be reached after three attempts (declined support/no response), and clients who have been contacted by I&Q program staff and the program is awaiting documentation from the case or contact (in progress).

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