COVID-19 Hospitalization Dashboard

This dashboard provides information on hospitalized individuals who are infected with COVID-19, and on bed availability in hospitals located within Santa Clara County. It also provides the number of patients seen in the emergency departments at these hospitals. 

This dashboard is updated Monday – Friday and will not be updated on holidays.

Source: Statewide COVID-19 Hospital County Data, retrieved daily from the CDPH Open Data Portal

Data Notes:

Patients seeking care at a hospital with COVID are either treated and released from the Emergency Department (ED) or are admitted to the hospital. This dashboard contains information on all patients who are COVID positive and are hospitalized for any reason - whether they are hospitalized because of COVID or for non-COVID related reasons. When hospitalized, patients can be placed in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) bed or a non-ICU bed. ICU beds are in special departments within a hospital that are typically reserved for the most critical patients and represent the highest level of care available. Non-ICU Beds are in departments with levels of care other than ICU.

ICU and non-ICU bed availability reflects the number of beds that are unoccupied and can be staffed by hospital personnel. Overall hospital bed capacity fluctuates regularly and can increase or decrease based on hospital staffing availability and patient need.

These data only reflects hospitals that are located within Santa Clara County. It reflects all hospitalized patients, or patients seen in the ED, regardless of the patient’s county of residence.

Data are self-reported by the hospitals and may contain reporting errors.

To download data related to the dashboard above, please visit: the CDPH Open Data Portal.

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