COVID-19 Designee Toolkit

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Scenario 1: Student or Staff Exhibits One or More COVID-19 Symptoms1

1Please note, fully vaccinated individuals with COVID-19 symptoms are still required to be tested and follow Scenario 1 protocols.

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Scenario 2: Student or Staff Identified as a Close Contact2 to a Person Who Has Tested Positive for COVID-19​

2Please note, fully vaccinated individuals may not need to quarantine if they meet certain conditions. See​ for details. However, they still need to get tested on Day 5 after exposure to identify any asymptomatic cases.

A. Student or Staff Member Who is Identified as a Close Contact

B. Student or Staff Member Who is Identified as a Close Contact, who then Tests NEGATIVE

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Scenario 3:  Student or Staff Member Tests Positive for COVID-19

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Scenario 4:  Routine COVID-19 Screening (no symptoms, not close contacts)

*Please note, this tool is the property of the Centers for Disease Control. Santa Clara County does not control the information contained in this third-party application and is not responsible for its use or misuse. Please consult current county guidance when using this application.

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